Stranded LOGO.png
Genre Online Roleplay Game
Type Full, Open ID
Presented by Jive Monterozo

Roby Roel Borja

No. Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 15 (as of Season 1, EP. 15)
Premiere Date April 11, 2020
Current Season STRANDED in Tasmania: Temptation Island
Production Team Jive Monterozo

Roby Roel Borja

Original Run

April 11, 2020 - May 23, 2020

First season STRANDED in Sugbu: Idol Trios

STRANDED is a Filipino Online Roleplay Game (ORG) in Facebook which virtually simulates the international TV show Survivor. The game premiered on April 11, 2020 on Facebook in a closed group. It is hosted by Jive Monterozo and Roby Borja. The game works similarly with the TV show Survivor where it virtually places a group of strangers on a remote island where they must adapt to the situation. The players compete in a series of challenges either for reward or immunity. The contestants are progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted out by their fellow contestants, until only one remains and is given the title of "Sole Survivor".

The game aims to fulfill the dreams of Survivor fans to be able to experience the game in real-life even in a virtual set-up. The game also aims to promote camaraderie as it encourages players to engage and communicate with fellow castaways over the course of the game.

Format and Rules[edit | edit source]

The first season of STRANDED followed the standard format. 18 players were originally split between three "tribes", and are taken to a virtual remote island to fend for themselves and are forced to live together for 39 days. Challenges are held to pit the teams against each other in the hopes of earning reward or immunity, where the losing tribe will face tribal council and will vote out one person off the island.

Casting[edit | edit source]

  1. Applications will be posted prior to the start of the season. It will be posted in all social media sites of the game (Facebook and Twitter).
  2. The number of castaways depends on the season.
  3. The selection of players will depend on the application responses. Be as honest as possible.
  4. The selection team will try to reach out to the respondents prior to the start of the season.

Game and Definition of Terms[edit | edit source]

    • Season will last 39 days.
    • The phase of the game where players are still divided by two or more tribes.
  3. MERGE
    • The phase of the game when tribes are fused together to create one tribe. This phase is also referred to as the jury phase where every player voted out during the merge becomes a member of the jury.
    • Tribal councils are held after every immunity challenge where the losing tribe must vote out someone out of the game.
    • Tribal councils are LIVE.
    • The person with the highest number of votes will be sent home.
    • In a case where a hidden immunity idol is played, any votes cast against that person will not count.
    • The jury members are not allowed to talk. Other media such as images, gifs, reactions are allowed.
    • Players are not allowed to privately talk with each other unless they have themselves recognized first.
    • When there is a tie, there will be a re-vote between the castaways involved in the tie. These people involved in the tie will not participate during the revote. In any case that there is still a tie, the remaining members will deliberate and must reach a consensus on who to send home. In a case that a unanimous decision is not met, the people with the tie votes will become safe and the rest will draw rocks.
    • In a case that a person has not cast a vote within a given time, he/she will incur a self-vote. In a case of a re-vote, he/she will not vote.
    • During the vote, a castaway must legibly write the person’s name on the parchment provided. He must then say "FINAL" to note that the vote has been locked. A voting confessional is encouraged.
    • Castaways must end their speech with "DONE" to note that they are done speaking.
  5. JURY
    • Members voted out during the merge will be part of the jury (unless otherwise stated).
    • Jury members will have to attend every post-merge tribal council (unless otherwise stated).
    • Players who quit post-merge will also become part of the jury (unless otherwise stated).
    • The jury will have a separate chat stream where they can discuss in-game happenings (see Ponderosa).
    • Members of the jury are not allowed to interact / initiate conversation to any player still in the game (see Dead talk). This also applies to players voted out premerge.
    • The power of choosing who wins the game lies in the hands of the jury.
    • During the final tribal council, when a tie vote is met, the person who is not involved in the tie will become the last member of the jury and break the tie. When there are only 2 people in the finale and a tie vote is met, the vote of the first jury member will not count.
    • A viewing lounge will be established to publicize parts of in-game happenings. Outsiders shall not communicate with players. If caught, players and non-players involved will be called out as we try to establish an honest and fair game for everyone.
    • Players are removed from the viewing lounge while they are in-game. They will be back after the season.
    • Challenges can either be for immunity or reward.
    • Treemails are given hours before the challenge starts
    • Challenges are LIVE and online (may require sending images, videos, etc.). Challenge starts at 9:00 PM.
      • Anyone who cannot participate in the challenge must inform the host at least an hour before.
    • Players cannot sit-out in back-to-back challenges regardless if it is for reward or immunity.
    • Players are required to wear their buffs (or any cloth with the same tribe color)
    • Before the challenge starts, players are not allowed to talk with each other in their tribe chat streams unless a signal to strategize is given.
    • There is a separate chat stream for each tribe, for tribal council, confessionals, and for challenges.
    • Players from different tribes ARE NOT allowed to communicate one-on-one.
    • ALLIANCE chat streams can be formed. Host accounts should be included in the conversation.
    • Screenshots are not allowed.
    • Voice calls and video chats are not allowed, but voice messages are permitted.
    • Conversations excluding the host are not allowed.
    • Players in-game are not allowed to strategize in person as much as possible. Offline communication will be considered cheating and will be subject for disqualification.
    • Players ARE NOT allowed to remove messages from any chat streams.
    • 1st and 2nd offense – verbal warning
    • 3rd offense – self-vote in the next tribal council
    • 4th offense – removal from the game

This penalty is also applicable to violations such as unexcused inactivity during the duration of the game, absence during challenges and misconduct.

Conduct[edit | edit source]

  • Please observe proper conduct within the game. You are free to say whatever in your confessional chat.
  • Any form of harassment or downright bullying will not be tolerated. Offenders will be subjected for disqualification.

Activity[edit | edit source]

  • The players must be active. In a case where a player is inactive for 3 consecutive episodes, he/she will be pulled out from the game.
  • Challenges are live. Member of the tribe must be present.

Immunity Idols and Advantages[edit | edit source]

  • There are tribal immunity, individual immunity and hidden immunity idols in play.
    • TRIBAL IMMUNITY is the immunity idol won by tribes during tribal immunity challenges.
    • INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY is the immunity idol won by an individual during individual challenges.
      • Individual immunity can be bequeathed to anyone before voting.
    • HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOLS are immunity idols that can either be found or earned depending on the situation.
      • Hidden immunity idols are hidden around camp and/or challenge arena.
      • Each immunity idol comes with a parchment. The rules of that idol is written on the parchment.
      • The information of a hidden immunity idol being possessed by a player WILL NOT be publicized to the viewing lounge.
      • Immunity idols in play may either be authentic or fake.
    • Advantages are also in play depending on the season.
    • Clues to the hidden immunity idol are given to the winning (reward and/or immunity challenge) tribe.

Confessionals[edit | edit source]

  • Each castaway will have a separate chat stream for their confessionals.
  • Each castaway is encouraged to express his/her thoughts and emotions in his/her own confessional.
  • Confessionals can be in a form or text or video.
  • Some video confessionals will be required.
  • Confessionals are confidential and are kept a secret from the other castaways. However, some confessionals are posted in the viewing lounge. Any confessional that may affect anyone’s gameplay will be filtered and will not be posted. Information is key in this game.

Series Summary[edit | edit source]

STRANDED is produced and hosted by Jive Monterozo and Roby Borja. Each competition is called a season, has a unique name and theme and lasts for 39 days good for 15-16 episodes. The first season, STRANDED in Sugbu: Idol Trios premiered last April 11, 2020 which featured 18 castaways. To date. a total of 18 castaways have competed on STRANDED.

List of STRANDED seasons

# Season Location Tribes Winner Runner-up Vote
1 Stranded LOGO.png
STRANDED in Sugbu: Idol Trios
Cebu      Lalahon


David Jansen Estose Kurt Justin Parayno

Stephen "Dabi" Cuartero

2 Stranded in Tasmania Trans.png
STRANDED in Tasmania: Temptation Island
Cradle Mt. Lake St.

Tasmania, Australia

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