Stranded in Sugbu: Idol Trios

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Season Information

Presented by Jive Monterozo

Roby Roel Borja

Season 1
No. of Days 39
No. of Castaways 18
No. of Episodes 15
Premiere Date April 11, 2020
Winner David Jansen Estose
Runner(s)-up Kurt Justin "KJ" Parayno

Stephen "Dabi" Cuartero

Location Cebu, Philippines


Hosts Jive Monterozo

Roby Roel Borja

Original Run

April 11, 2020 - May 23, 2020

Before N/A
After STRANDED in Tasmania: Temptation Island
Official Intro

STRANDED in Sugbu: Idol Trios is the first season of the full ORG STRANDED. The season premiered on April 11, 2020. Hosted by Jive Monterozo and Roby Borja, the season lasted for 39 days of gameplay with 18 competitors. It was set in an island in Cebu, Philippines.

The 18 contestants were initially separated into three tribes, Lalahon, Lihangin, and Liadlaw, which represented the names of their beaches, derived from the 3 supreme mythological Gods and Goddess that have ruled over the island of Cebu before. When 11 players remained, the contestants merged into one tribe, Ynaguinid. While the original tribe names were picked by the producers, Ynaguinid was named by contestant Vince Estella after the Cebuano God of War based on mythology. After 39 days of competition, electronics engineer Jansen Estose was named the Sole Survivor, defeating accountant Kurt Justin Parayno and seafarer Stephen "Dabi" Cuartero in a 6–3–0 jury vote.

Twists and Game Format[edit | edit source]

  • Tribe Composition: The eighteen castaways were initially divided into three tribes of six.
  • Merged Tribe Composition: The merged tribe was composed of 11 members.
  • Final Tribal Council Format: Three finalists faced a jury of 9. The jurors individually addressed the finalists.
  • Tiebreaker: In an event of a tie vote, a revote would take place. If a deadlock occurs, the remaining players must come with a unanimous decision on who to send home. IN a case where a unanimous decision is not met, the people vulnerable will draw rocks.
  • Idol Trio Chips (as immunity idol): At the start of the season, the eighteen castaways were grouped into trios, with each trio having a chip with a unique symbol. The goal is for all three players with the same chip symbol to survive and reach the merge. If so, the idol trio chip can be played as a hidden immunity idol.
  • Idol Trio Chips (as immunity idol nullifier): In a case where 2 or more chips of the same symbol are played during tribal council, all chips with that symbol will lose its power for immunity.
  • Steal-A-Vote Advantage: This advantage allows a player to steal someone's vote during tribal council and allows them to vote twice.
  • Extra Vote Advantage: This advantage allows a player to cast a second vote at tribal council.
  • Steal-An-Advantage Advantage: This advantage allows a player to steal someone's advantage and use it instead.
  • Safety Without Power Advantage: This advantage allows a player to leave tribal council before the actual voting making him safe,but at the same time, loses his/her power to vote.

Castaways[edit | edit source]

Season Summary[edit | edit source]

The eighteen castaways were divided into three original tribes, Lalahon ("Goddess of Volcano"), Lihangin ("God of the Winds"), and Liadlaw("God of the Sun"). Lalahon started strong as they dominated challenges winning 4 straight challenges out of 7 during premerge. The swapped Lihangin tribe broke their winning streak after they won 3 straight challenges sending the new Lalahon to back-to-back tribal councils. However, Lalahon did not have to go to tribal following their second loss after one of their members, Mico, pulled himself out from the game due to personal and family reasons, making him the 1st member of the jury. Both tribes merged to become the Ynaguinid tribe with 5 original Lalahon, 2 original Liadlaw and 4 original Lihangin.

The majority OG Lalahon had a huger target coming into merge knowing how tight they were after only losing Mico premerge. The non-Lalahons tried to rally to take out Raf as they fel that he was the one keeping the Lalahon intact. With Raf voted out, it left the camp with 10 players left with a 5-5 divide from 2 differing alliances, Fantastic 5 composed of Dabi, Joy, KJ, Niro and Jem, and the Secret Operation composed of Vhon, Vince, Axel, Boris and Jansen.

The 5-5 stalemate caused the tribes to be deadlocked the second time they went to Tribal Counci, resulting to the very first rock draw of the season. Jem from OG Lihangin and was part of the Fantastic 5 alliance was rocked out that night. As the game progressed further, the Ynaguinid tribe became more unpredictable as idols and advantages were in play at mostly every tribal council since the Jem boot. At Day 37, KJ won the Final Immunity Challenge where Vhon was voted out at Day 38 completing the jury.

In the end, with six votes to three, Jansen's strategy and the way how he answered the jury won him the title of Sole Survivor.

Episode Overview[edit | edit source]

Episode # Title
1 "You Need To Dig Deep"

18 castaways were sent to fend for themselves and battle it out to become the first winner of STRANDED. They were sent to a very remote island in Cebu where they are forced to live with each other for 39 days.

At the beach, they were tasked to introduce themselves. After this, tribe divisions were established via drawing rocks. Axel, Justin, and Joy drew the rock with a color. They were responsible for completing the tribes. Little did they know, they were picking members for the other tribe and not theirs

A twist in the form of an idol trio chip was also introduced. There are 18 idol trio chips all grouped into trios. 3 castaways are keepers of the chip with the same symbol. In an event that all 3 keepers of the same chip reach merge, the chip will have full power and can be used as an immunity idol

  • IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: At the immunity challenge, 5 members from each tribe will have to dig 9 sandbags buried under a very large sandpit. Once all bags are retrieved, one person will have to untie these bags to release a key to a bamboo number puzzle. Once the combination lock is undone, this will reveal a phrase puzzle. The first 2 tribes to finish win immunity and is safe from tribal council. The three tribes really struggled at the start of the challenge looking for their sandbags. Lihangin took an early lead when Axel stood out for the tribe. Lalahon, on the other hand, trailed when Vhon had had time digging for these bags. In the end, Lalahon and Liadlaw took home immunity sending Lihangin to tribal council after Jansen failed to finish their word puzzle on time.

Back at camp, Jansen tried to get the target off his back by rallying his alliance to vote out someone who he felt dragged the team during the challenge. He formed a solid alliance with Axel, Jem, and Enric leaving KJ and Alexander in the outs.

  • TRIBAL COUNCIL: At tribal council, the solid foursome alliance of Jansen, Jem, KJ, and Enric decided to vote out Alex as he was perceived to be a liability during the immunity challenge. Alex was voted out at Day 3 on a 4-2 vote turnout.

Episode # Title
2 "The Early Bird Catches the Worm"

After Tribal Council, KJ felt he was on the outs after being out of the loop of the Alex vote. KJ tried to talk to Enric and told him that had he been on the loop, he would've voted for Alex as well. The others tried to reassure KJ that the vote to take out Alex was not against him.

At the Liadlaw camp, relationships started to strengthen as the game progressed. But as the tribe tasted the win, the whole tribe wreaked havoc on who to throw under the bus if they lose the next immunity challenge

  • IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: At the immunity challenge, 4 members from each tribe will have to swim across the sea (maze) to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces. Once all bags are retrieved, one person from each tribe will then use these puzzle pieces to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Lalahon quickly finished the challenge as they won their 2nd immunity challenge in a row. The challenge went on between Lihangin and Liadlaw but it was Miko’s costly mistake in the maze that cost his tribe the loss, giving Lihangin their first taste of win this season.

As Liadlaw faced their first loss, the camp went on straight chaos as Niro and Lex targeted each other from personal vendettas and pre-existing relationships. Several plans reached the surface nearing tribal council. Justin, Niro, Lex, and Marsh were put on the chopping block which put Miko and Dabi on the driver seat in Liadlaw. DOTA Alliance contemplated on targetting Niro or Marsh.

  • TRIBAL COUNCIL: Amidst the chaos, Niro and Marsh were sure Lex was getting blindsided. But the majority alliance decided to blindside Marsh countering an expected idol play from Niro despite his sketchiness. Marsh was sent home via a 4-2 vote turnout, leaving Niro alone to fend for himself at Liadlaw.
Episode # Title
3 "Magpatayan Kayong Apat"

After Marsh got voted out, Niro felt blindsided as he was expecting his alliance to stay solid to take out Lex. Dabi and Miko felt the need to do damage control as they knew Niro was disappointed with how the votes turned out.

Back at Lalahon camp, questions about being targeted were out in the air as they felt that going into the merge as a complete OG Lalahon would put a huge target on their backs. Mico floated the idea to Vince of throwing the challenge, but the idea spread like fire.

  • IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: At the start of the challenge, it was announced that only the first tribe to finish wins immunity and reward. The winning tribe will not only get to sit in both tribal councils, but they also have the power to choose which tribe goes to tribal immediately and which tribe goes to tribal the day after. At the immunity challenge, one member from each tribe must be suspended on a swing. The remaining 4 members must maneuver the swing to retrieve 10 flags. The first tribe to complete the challenge wins immunity and reward. Lalahon gained an early lead as Lihangin seemed to be caught up in miscommunication. Mico from Lalahon wanted to throw the challenge so bad but it may look suspicious to the other Lalahon members as the idea has already been opened up before the challenge. Liadlaw, on the other hand, struggled yet again. It's been close between Lihangin and Lalahon but the error on Lihangin cost them their win giving Lalahon their 3rd straight immunity win.

With Lalahon’s win coming to play, they have the power to decide who goes to tribal that night and tomorrow night.

As Liadlaw continues to struggle in challenges, the strong foursome of Lex, Dabi, Justin and Miko decided to vote out Niro as he was clearly in the outs after being blindsided with the Marsh vote. Niro, on the other hand, had some plans on his own. He tried to convince Dabi and Miko to take Lex out instead as he told them that this is the only way they could gain back his trust. Niro tried to lure the foursome alliance that he has an idol and that he could easily pick which one of the four should go should they not vote Lex out. Dabi and Miko, however, did not want to flip on their alliance as they were convinced that Niro did not have an idol.

As Lihangin lost yet another immunity challenge, paranoia was brought up into a new high. The majority alliance of Jem, Axel, Jansen, and Enric vowed to move forward with an easy KJ vote.

However, Enric upon seeing Axel as the ‘Boston Rob’ of Lihangin, made a leap of faith and started an uprising with minority member KJ and his number one, Jansen. 8 minutes before tribal, plans started changing like a gear. Axel and Jansen, worried of an idol play, contemplated on switching the target back to KJ.

  • TRIBAL COUNCIL: At tribal council, Niro was very vocal about his disappointment and that he was sure he is going home next. Things got heated up when the exchange of banters happened Niro and the foursome alliance. Before the votes are read, Niro played an idol - a fake one - which means any votes cast against him will still count. Things were about to go as planned for Lex and his squad when things got more interesting. Niro played an advantage he found during the first IC. The advantage works similarly as an immunity idol which means all votes cast for Niro will not count. In the end, Niro's plan was successful as Lex was sent home packing after being idoled out 1-0*.
  • At the Lihangin tribal council, the solid-three of Axel, Jem, and Jansen wanted to go for an Enric blindside but worried of an idol play, the trio contemplated on switching the target back to KJ. But after the votes have been cast, the trio decided to make Enric the fourth blindside casualty of the season— Jansen blindsiding his number one and again leaving KJ like a deer in the headlights as he headed back to camp.

Episode # Title
4 "He's Turning Into A Boston Rob"
Episode # Title
5 "Strategy Ko Right Now Is To Tell 100% Truth"
Episode # Title
6 "Bakit Nag-Leak Agad"
Episode # Title
7 "I ain’t Bottom. I’m Middle Babe"
Episode # Title
8 "Just the Merge!"

Episode # Title
9 "Willing Ako To Take That Risk Kahit 5-5 Yan"
Episode # Title
10 "You Need To Play Smart"
Episode # Title
11 "Kailangan Mapa-flip Natin Siya"
Episode # Title
12 "Napatumba Na Natin Ang Utak"
Episode # Title
13 "Bawal Lumabas Alliance"
Episode # Title
14 "Akala Ko May Plan Na?"
Episode # Title
15 "We Did This To Ourselves"

Voting History[edit | edit source]

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